Save between 20 - 40% on your office consumables with our Ready-Mix Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Pre-Mix Packs
At TPAK we are able to effectively manage office resources & staff consumables with pre-mixed coffee, cocoa & tea ready-mix which will cut your staff costs considerably.
TPak Distributors are manufacturers & suppliers of quality ready-mixed Pre-Mixes for all your office Coffee, Tea and Cocoa needs. The savings on your office consumables are guaranteed to boost your business savings on staff and office expenses .

We at Tpak hold ourselves to a very high standard to ensure that our client base will not only receive the best quality products but excellent service as well. Our products are processed using high quality ingredients, sourced from only authorized vendors.

Our office online Pre-Mixed packages come in various different sizes to suit each of our clients needs, with the contents of our Pre-Mixed coffee, tea and cocoa mixed to your exact requirements using formulas that we have successfully perfected over the course of the last 25 years.

Our staff beverage pre-mixes are calculated down to the last spoon to ensure:
No over consumption
Minimize theft
Maximize staff production
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