Staff Ration Packs

We supply staff ration packs throughout KZN which are perfect for any business to cut costs. With our staff ration packs which include staff beverages such as coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa, businesses can save up to 40% on monthly office supplies. We also offer cleaning products and bulk toilet rolls which can be added to staff pack orders to even further save on staff budgets.

We offer customizeable ration packs which are unique to each client with 3 delivery options: weekly, by weekly and by monthly. Our clients based in KZN can benefit from free delivery, whereas clients fascilitated away from home, we cater for by offering exceptionally relative transportation costs within South Africa.
Tea Coffee Ration Packs Sachets

Tea, Coffee, Cocoa Beverage Packs

Either a full coffee pack, half tea / half cocoa, doesnt matter! We can customise your staffs monthly packs according to department, work schedule, taste and preference.

Why Choose Staff Ration Packs?

Save you Money!

Makes Life Easier


KZN Deliveries

These packs are ideal for monthly staff consumable budgeting and also Prevent Theft And Pilferage. By Introducing our Staff Office Ration Packs to manage office supplies and resources you say goodbye to Unnecessary Costs And Hello To Savings! No more last minute petty cash dash to your local grocer if you run out of something - it's a sure way to cut down on theft and wastage!

A staff Ration pack generally includes items such as Tea, Coffee, Sugar and creamer although with over 800 items to choose from you are able to adjust each pack to suit your employee's preference and your budget. Imagine the eases of purchasing your monthly staff consumables from one place all online from the comfort of your own desk!

TPak Distributors will go the extra mile for all our customers based within Kwa-Zulu Natal and Deliver For FREE (If Your Company Is Based In Kwa-Zulu-Natal.) For customers further afield we offer very comparative transportation costs within South Africa.
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